Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A post to say I'M BACK!

Wow. My last post is dated back to 2012, I can't even say that I haven't written since LAST year because it was the year BEFORE last year.

I stopped writing because I'm a perfectionist. I couldn't fit my writing into a nice square niche. I don't have a food blog or a fashion blog, just a blog with thoughts and photos. I somehow equated that to it not being good enough and out of a silly fear of being just a "rambling" writer, I stopped.

Recently I realized that l never have been nor will I ever be a square. I was created with a lot of curiosity and because of that I am interested in a lot of different things. Because I was also created with adventurous bones I enjoy adventuring into a lot of different things as well. My thoughts and experiences simply don't fit into "this" or "that", my life takes on it's own shape with lines that are curvy, squiggly, jagged and straight. Why haven't I written in over a year? Because I was trying to figure out how to squeeze into a square and it's just not who I am.

So, I'm back and I'm really happy about it. I'm going to write and it certainly may be rambling at times, but mostly I hope that whoever happens to read through it will find humor, encouragement, truth, and connection. Along with courage to be whatever weird (or not so weird, squares are lovely) shape you are meant to be!


{Photo: CJ Foeckler}

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