Monday, October 1, 2012

Fashion Break

I totally dig sweaters. Mr. Rogers was and still is very much loved for his kind and gentle spirit & the unique way he shared things about life and the world with tots. But let's be honest. along with the life lessons when you think of Mr. Rogers there's a good chance you think of or at least associate him with sweaters. I mean every episode started with him walking into the house, taking off his jacket & grabbing a sweater out of the closet. When I was little I remember watching and wondering each time whether or not he would have his sweater zipped before he finished the song.

Talking specifically about sweaters on men, I'm sure there are a lot of love/hate opinions out there. I've heard a few Mr. Rogers sweater comments here and there. But I think they're great! Not a lot of guys (at least that I know or see out and about) wear them, let alone wear them with cool confidence. Pair one with a t shirt and jeans & you really can't go wrong (in my opinion). I say go for it.

(Even all muscle Beckham and all tattooed Adam love their sweaters! The same one at that.)

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