Sunday, June 5, 2011


I'm back and it's great. There was a time when Nashville was home for me. It still is in it's own way, but so is Minnesota, and New Zealand, and San Diego. Each of these places I have called home and each of them have brought significantly different experiences. I can't imagine where I'd be or who I'd be if I hadn't been willing to step into new places, and really into the unknown. Defining relationships, moments, realizations, lessons, understanding, liberation have all come from taking leaps of faith following the direction that felt right in whatever season of life that I was in. It's been fun and I've been blessed beyond measure, that's an understatement. With transition for me comes contemplation. I've been thinking a lot lately about careers and about the fact that, well, I don't really have one. I'm ok with it and honestly, if I wasn't ok with it then my life and lifestyle choices would have been drastically different. People tell me I'm fearless for moving across the world. Maybe they're right, I am fearless for moving across the world. But I'm not fearless. I'm afraid of being tied down to a 9-5, or an 8-5, or the trend...a 7-6 career job. Not because I'm lazy, not because I'm not willing, but because I'm afraid of a cubicle, office, wish away the week for the weekend job. I mean, career...
I know that not all careers are stuffed into this box, I guess it's just the association I've always had & I'm just now realizing that it's created an obstacle for me. I have to shift my perception & open myself up to realities and possibilities beyond my narrow minded ideas and the scary 'box'. So I'm on a new adventure. I fully believe that I can utilize the talents and skills that I have and want to use, somewhere, someway, a way that allows me to live, but also allows me to creatively make a difference in this world. I want to do work that tells stories, and gives back, educates and opens people's eyes, restores hope, and reflects light into so much darkness. I wholeheartedly believe I'll find my place, God has brought me this far and all I really need is Faith and a bit of fearlessness. Follow along as I pursue the next chapter: Career {cue scary music...}

Love love,

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