Friday, June 10, 2011


So...when I was in New Zealand I would (almost) daily go to one of my favorite cafe's just down the street from where I lived, GoBang. I would always get a Flat White (sorta latte'ish) and then either poached eggs on toast (the best I've EVER had) or a Date n' Orange Scone. Delish. When I went with my flatmate Abi (which was almost daily) we'd chat & each grab a magazine. It was here that I discovered Frankie. The most creative, interesting, idea provoking, unique magazine straight from the shores of Australia.  I was fortunate enough to have TWO recent copies delivered to my house (amongst many other gems from the SoHem) sent with love from the beautiful family I worked for (thanks again, Fritha, Stu and boys xo). The Mar/Apr issue is Frankie's 40th, so on one of the first pages they wrote out a list and titled it "40 things to do before you're 40 (just because it's issue 40)" I wanted to re-write it here and post it for you all to see...and if you're over 40, then think of it as 40 things to do before you're 60, or 80, or 100, or...the point is, don't just live a little. Live a lot.

Here goes...
1. Learn a foreign language. And not just the sweary parts. 2. Get another degree. 3. Write a rock song. 4. Climb a mountain (or large hill) 5. Buy an original work of art. 6. Learn to make sushi, with the rolling mat and everything. 7. Travel to all of the European countries that you haven't been to yet. 8. Interview your parents and grandparents on the family history. Get it all down on paper. 9. Hold a clothes-swap party. 10. Ride a pony. 11. Own a cafe'. 12. Sing karaoke. Hopefully "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". 13. Learn at least 5 constellations to point out in the night sky. 14. Take more photos. And print them out. Digital pics on Facebook don't count. 15. Read a book to your offspring. Or borrow someone else's kids and read to them instead. 16. Go to a zoo. 17. Develop a 'signature dish' and make it for lunch for everyone you work with. 18. Drink something you've never tried before. 19. Learn to play a song on any instrument. 20. Properly celebrate birthday's. No more 'quiet meals with a friend.' There should be at least some mystery bruises the next day. 21. Go to a gallery with someone who really understands art. 22. Get a dog! Which means get a yard! Which means get a house! eep! 23. Commit to frequent immaturity. 24. Ring at least one out-of-town friend each week. 25. Give away all of the stuff you don't need; keep only what makes you happy. 26. Say "I love you" every time it's appropriate. And sometimes when it's not. 27. Read a big Russian novel. 28. Make Lasagne from scratch. 29. Learn to crochet. 30. Write a letter to a politician. 31. Make new friends every year and tell your old ones how awesome you think they are. 32. Be financially smart. 33. Volunteer time to help a charity. 34. Draw something. 35. Get a new hairstyle every year. 36. Swear to never wear those grim undies from the bottom of the pile. Throw them out! 37. Get to know your neighbours every time you move. 38. Start a recipe book/list of advice/photo album for your current or future kiddies. 39. Build up an awesome kitchen with matching pots and pans. 40. Smile often, laugh lots and HAVE FUN.

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