Sunday, February 27, 2011

places and faces

We've just completed our first full week of screenings! So great. We've been to colleges, High Schools, and one church. We've seriously met some of the coolest people already and it's amazing. I remember when I first considered applying and on the invisible children website there's a video about being a Roadie (You can find it a few posts back...). There's one comment in there from a past Roadie that's along the lines of 'You get to travel to a new place every day and meet the most epic people there...'

This is so true.

We're only a week in and I'm so inspired and humbled by the dedication I've seen to Invisible Children & our programs, because of the love and dedication to those in Northern Uganda and DR Congo and for them to see peace. It's so refreshing. It's one huge part of this job that makes the late nights and early mornings not so bad. So many more places to go and people to meet...can't wait.

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