Sunday, February 20, 2011

3. 2. 1....Launch

Tour has launched. Surreal. I remember getting the call mid-December that I would be joining Invisible Children as a Roadie. After five weeks of training, booking, incredible new friendships, and each of our teams now complete with the arrival of our Ugandan teammates...our vans are packed and we are officially on the ROAD! On the morning of Wednesday, February 16th we loaded up our vans with our luggage and the last boxes of merchandise. The phrase "It's like Tetris with consequences" was quite accurate as we all tried to get everything into the back of our vans with a hint of organization. There were many hugs and tears as we said our goodbyes. We had to part ways, but as we did, each team in each van left with the same mission, the same goal, the same job, the same war to end. That we are all going to face similar challenges, triumphs, bumps in the road, and moments not to forget, makes our bond unique because we will inevitably come together at the end of these 10 weeks closer. This I've been told more than once from returning Roadies and after just a few days I'm already feeling it. It took us just over 3 days to travel from San Diego to our first stop in Southern Illinois. We caravanned with a handful of other teams, stopping at every state sign and gathering for a few last meals. Slowly, one by one our routes veered off in different directions and by now each team will have made it to their region. I'm so excited about the next 10 weeks...there will undoubtedly be many moments to share whether they be joyful, tearful, hopeful, wonderful. I'm looking forward to all of the ups, downs and inbetweens...I'll keep you posted.

Here is a video one of the incredible interns and my friend, Rachel, made the day of launch. It's beautiful...

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