Monday, December 12, 2011

Reality Check

What a horrifying image. I think {or I'd like to think} that the thought process is like this for anyone who looks at this picture: "There is something very wrong here. I can't force anyone else to change but I can make some changes within myself. When I'm needy, greedy, materialistically hungry for more, more, more I'm just another part of the problem. It's fair to want things and it's ok to have things, but I don't need everything that I want. There are real people in real places with real, urgent needs. They are not just images and stories from far away lands or from my own community, they are people. It's easy to be impulsive when it comes to me, but when it comes to helping others it's easy to hesitate. Spending money supporting a worthy cause can often times be counted as a loss when I stand to gain nothing that has a designer name written on it. This is a battle I'm willing to fight because I need to. This goes for more than just where my money goes...I could stand to give more love, time, and grace."

What I hope with all of the hope I have is that not one person thinks this: "There's nothing I can do."


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