Friday, June 24, 2011

I recently discovered that I love to paint. When I was in High School I never took any art classes. To this day I have no idea why...I honestly didn't really hone in on my creative abilities until I was an adult. Hmmm.... Well, better late than never. I'm helping a family I know in Nashville out for the summer by watching their almost 5 year old daughter. She is very artistically driven and focused, so we kind of fell into this routine of creating all day long. Everything from music to drawing to painting. We started finding inspiration pieces and then decide whether we'd like to sketch them or get out the paints. She loves it, and I now have a new creative hobby. I'm at the very VERY beginning stage...meaning, I've only painted with washable paints on torn off sheets of painting paper, with my 5 year old little friend. But that doesn't matter at all...there's so much value in simply doing what you want artistically, and not allowing the having (or not having) of'proper' materials hinder you from creating what it is that you want to create. I let that happen all of the time and I've had enough. There's no right or wrong and what I've learned is that those who are willing to be bold, who don't get caught up in perfection and comparison, and who raise the bar for themselves...they are the ones who make an impact. Whether in your eyes and opinion it's good...or not, these are the artists who keep the game going. Here are the pieces I did this week. None of them are my original designs or concepts... those will be coming soon.


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