Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Invisible Children

I am honored and excited to share with everyone the upcoming opportunity I have to be a part of the incredible non-profit organization, Invisible Children. I will be heading to San Diego, California in just one week and along with approximately 50 other Roadie interns will begin training and preparation for a 3 month National tour. My team of 4 will be traveling through the midwest including Chicago and all of Illinois, all of Wisconsin, and parts of Indiana and Michigan. The other Roadies will be covering their assigned regions and by the time we all arrive back in San Diego come May, as a whole we will have covered the entire lower 48 of the US. What does a Roadie do? We are on the frontline of this movement. We will be traveling to different High Schools, Colleges and some churches to share with them documentary footage of what's taking place in the villages of Northern Uganda and now the Congo. The LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) is led by Joseph Kony who is keeping this war alive by abducting innocent children and forcing them to kill, turning them into boy soldiers. Invisible Children exists to see an end to this war, the children freed and provided rehabilitation and education, villages and schools rebuilt after being devastated by acts of war, and the more than 1 million people displaced and living in camps able to return to their villages and be provided sustainable jobs. Our hope is that by educating the younger generations about this, they will continue to partner with us in making a difference. Many of you are familiar with IC, while many of you are not. Here are a couple short videos that will help you better understand the organization and what they are working towards! I will also show you the trailer to IC's very first documentary (Invisible Children: Rough Cut) that began this now 7 year journey towards Peace.

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